Avoid Vendor Lock In.

AJN Technologies will provide you with cost effective flexibility, personalized support and open source software solutions that guarantees you and your business a competitive edge through increased revenues, productivity and compatability.




Break down the Knowledge Barrier.

Say "Good-Bye" to all the troubles that come with needing to relearn entire new systems and their software when its upgrade time. AJN Technologies will always provide you with the up to date information you need directly from the open source community and manufacturers when upgrades or repairs are required.



Superior security you can trust.

Billons of dollars worth of productivity and revenues are lost across North America alone due to Cybercrime. However, AJN Tech Forensics and Solutions will keep you safe with the tailor made software experience, guaranteed Long-Term Support, Superior built-in security options that provides the proactive strategies that your IT and Network infrastructure requires.


Benefits of Open Source

Some reasons to consider a Linux Solution

Better System Stability

Utilizes unique choices of advanced, journaled and/or an array of highly scalable filesystems.

Free Software Licencing

No additional costs associated with obtaining Linux Operating systems or Open Source Software.

Superior Rate of Development

A new Linux Kernel is created very 2-3 months and major updates are submitted very hour compared other closed source systems that can take up to years

Better Preformance

The vast majority of Linux Systems include a full suite of free software and drivers that quickly adapt to new hardware.

Highly Customizable

Thanks to Open Source, Linux Systems are highly customizable to quickly adapt and/or specialize from being a Web Server, Database or Workstation just to name some specialites.

Better Malware Protection

The most common of all executable malware have little to no effect on linux based systems

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